Tips for Making New Friends When Traveling Alone

Traveling solo may seem a little lonely or daunting however, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Making new friends when traveling lone just needs a bit of your effort – and sometimes, willingness to try new things. As a matter of fact, it serves the most introverted people well in order to escape from the box sometimes. Take your solo trip and challenge yourself to make some new friends.

The following are some of the tips to help make new friends when traveling solo:

  1. Begin a conversation on transit

Most of your travel may need some time before arriving at your destination. Instead of turning pages of your favorite book or plugging in your earphones, why not begin a conversation with someone else? You already have the idea that you have a common destination. With that, you can ask what they’re looking forward on their trip, have they been there before, etc. You make the most of your travel socializing.

  1. Make small conversations over meals

Dining with someone is often an easy way to making small conversation. Some few common starters for a small talk are: So far, what has been your most favorite part of the travel? Is this your first solo trip? Where are you from? Always throw open-minded questions because they make the conversation with your newly found friend more interesting.

  1. The Don’ts

Do not expect your conversation partner to have in common with you. It is a great thing to meet new friends who are passionate about various things. In addition to that, be open to persons with diverse interests and backgrounds, varying life experiences and ages. This gives you the chance to know each other as well as you may realize that you’ve a lot of things in common than you know. Do not be discouraged to meet new people or allow your fears to hold you back. Sometimes, your conversations may pause for a minute and if that occurs, just ask your conversation partner another set of questions. Do not ever ask too personal questions right away or act nosy. This will just deter the person away.

  1. Forget your fears

This may be the most essential tip. You may make some excuses for trying something new or making new friends. You may say you are too scared, too young or too old. Just leave your excuses at home and make new friends.

When traveling alone, one of the most amazing things you can do is to enjoy the adventure and put all your fears aside. There is no need for you to stay on the norms, most especially to meeting and making new friends. The worst thing they may do is to say no, therefore find another person you can befriend with. Exchange contact information or numbers and later on, plan to set another trip with the two of you. A friend you meet along your trip can sometimes turn into your friend for life. Make the most of every trip and make it a habit to meet new friends while traveling solo. Do this successfully with the help of a reliable travel agency in Boston.


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